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I love reading books lol and I guess that pretty obvious but I read books cuz I enjoy it. Mostly I go with fiction and that too a romance with thriller or a mystery romance. Thats my usual but I pretty much read anything that interests me =)I can be reading a book on Afghanistan for all you know LOL I have my moments. Oh and incase you havent noticed, im a romantic fool =)

Friday, 15 October 2010

PARADISE by Judith McNaught

Such a beautiful book! The journey of two people who were meant to be. After continuos partings who meet up again and who were never able to bury their feelings for each other. Meridith Bancroft. the only heir to 'Bancroft and Company' meets Mathew Farrell, a steel worker who's determined to prove himself, and fill everything with passion. You know they say opposites attract, well so did Matt and Meredith. I am a HUGE Fan of Judith McNaught! and PARADISE explains it. ONe of her most beautiful books. Even after eleven years, when Matt is no longer the scruffy kid and Meridith is her way to being president, they have not completely forgot each other. Nor have they forgotten what they've done and they're miserable conditions eleven years ago. Yet here they are just like destiny wanted and ready to move on but sometimes past just squeezes in anyway. =) A good read and definetly one of my Favourites!

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