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I love reading books lol and I guess that pretty obvious but I read books cuz I enjoy it. Mostly I go with fiction and that too a romance with thriller or a mystery romance. Thats my usual but I pretty much read anything that interests me =)I can be reading a book on Afghanistan for all you know LOL I have my moments. Oh and incase you havent noticed, im a romantic fool =)

Sunday, 26 September 2010


SO  I was cleaning my kitchen and I'm about to throw away my cereal box when my creative genes kick in! And I desperately want to do something with it =P SO I made a file folder =D and I'm here to show it to you!


 I didn't really have anything next to me but the newspapers I had just cut so I put them in it. But you can put magazines or anything you want! Its real quick and easy =)
I'm really sorry I couldn't do a step-to-step or how to but I didn't know if it would really look nice but I kinda had fun and I'll do more DIYs when I get time =)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Book of my Life =P

I have just figured out the books I'd actually marry. 'Perfect' and 'Paradise' both by Judith McNaught are books that Im actually willing to marry lol but then I dont want my prince out there to be left all alone =P I think I can make it work though what do you think?

REVIEW: Sign of Seven Trilogy by Nora Roberts

I have been a fan of Nora Roberts and this trilogy didn't upset me one bit. I wouldn't rate it as one of her best books but surely a good read. And as usual, she has succeeded to make girls all over the world fall in love with her men <3 Nora Roberts is one of those authors who doesn't make myths, legends, and magic seem fiction. And that is exactly what she does in her trilogy 'Sign of Seven' by Nora Roberts. This series is about a three friends who 'accidentally' release some evil magical force on their shred tenth birthday. It then shows us how the three fight it with nothing but love, courage and faith. =)


Nora Roberts focuses on one the friends in the series, Caleb Hawkins. Roberts uses easy language and captivates you right from the first chapter. Opening up the mystery and then making you feel sorry for Cal, as he describes his life and his town. How he's always finding ways to stop 'it'. He starts getting the 'whys' and 'whos' when Quinn  is entered and helps him solve some of the problems. Eventually. he manages to put most of the pieces of the puzzle together with Quinn and they start a war which now they have hope to win.


In the second book we follow the life of Fox O' Dell, a successful lawyer. And Once again Roberts, captures us by her excellent narrative and unusual imagination. Personally Fox is a favourite of mine. He is filled with so many deep feelings and insecurities yet he stands firm in face of darkness. You never know what he will do next with his fast analytic mind and sudden change in decisions. In this book however the Fox with the woman he loves and friends have climbed another step to victory.

 Being the last part of the series, its obvious the story ends here. In this book we follow the third friend, Gage Turner. Gage has gone through alot in his life and doesn't apologise to anyone for his pessimistic, cynical way of handling things. Gage was a struggling child and even now as an adult we see him come to terms with destiny and what it has always given him. Eventually, he will have to realise to step away from his past and into an adventure that has always haunted him.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Book Clubs if you dont go to Book Clubs!

Hello! So I've just recently made a blog as you all know. I live in Saudi Arabia and I havent come across a book club or something of the sort to keep in touch with all the latest books. So... I've just joined and it helps me organise my to be books and the books I'm currently reading!
So, if any of you guys want to keep track of your books and your friends as well sign up for that site =)

* I have not been paid or requested from the site.


Hello there! I've got three new reviews coming up *yayyyyy*
lol but Im really busy nowadays with school and all so haven't been able to post them. They'll be up by the end of this week now hopefully =) But I'll just tell you that the books are 'Signs of Seven' trilogy by Nora Roberts =)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

'Perfect' by Judith Mcnaught

So..I know 'Perfect' is a really old book. But I just read it a month ago. I read a few books by Judith Mcnaught last summer. I didnt even know about her *sorry* BUT I really like them and so I bought her 'Perfect' and I have to say: IT WAS SO FRICKING PERFECT!
LOL Im a very movie-ish person and 'Perfect' was so touching and romantic, I just have to get A Zachary Benedict now! ( Normally I want every guy form every book I read)

So, here goes:
'Perfect' by Judith McNaught (Published in 1993). A romance with a hint of Mystery.
The story is about Zachary Benedict, an award winning actor/director, and Julie Mathison, an elementary school teacher. A story about how Zack has always been treated unfairly and how he is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife. A story about an orphan who meets the escaped convicted murderer and changes his life. A story on how they fall in love and fight for and about there love. A love that is hard to give up but even harder to keep up. And personally, what I love about Judith McNaught books is how she keeps her previous characters alive. And as a fan of her previous characters as well I have a loyal feeling when I see them as a part in the newer books =)
For me, I totally recommend it! Especially if your a romantic fool and anything romantic and sweet makes yoyu fall in love <3 =)