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Thursday, 2 September 2010

'Perfect' by Judith Mcnaught

So..I know 'Perfect' is a really old book. But I just read it a month ago. I read a few books by Judith Mcnaught last summer. I didnt even know about her *sorry* BUT I really like them and so I bought her 'Perfect' and I have to say: IT WAS SO FRICKING PERFECT!
LOL Im a very movie-ish person and 'Perfect' was so touching and romantic, I just have to get A Zachary Benedict now! ( Normally I want every guy form every book I read)

So, here goes:
'Perfect' by Judith McNaught (Published in 1993). A romance with a hint of Mystery.
The story is about Zachary Benedict, an award winning actor/director, and Julie Mathison, an elementary school teacher. A story about how Zack has always been treated unfairly and how he is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife. A story about an orphan who meets the escaped convicted murderer and changes his life. A story on how they fall in love and fight for and about there love. A love that is hard to give up but even harder to keep up. And personally, what I love about Judith McNaught books is how she keeps her previous characters alive. And as a fan of her previous characters as well I have a loyal feeling when I see them as a part in the newer books =)
For me, I totally recommend it! Especially if your a romantic fool and anything romantic and sweet makes yoyu fall in love <3 =)

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